Play button not visible on scheduled pipelines

The documentation states that once created, a scheduled pipeline can be triggered manually by clicking a play button.

However, my scheduled pipelines have no play buttons:

I have a “Developer” role on this project. My teammate who has a “Maintainer” role, however, does see the play button. I do not see anything on the documentation about Permissions explaining why this might be the case.

Is there a way to configure this so that I can see those play buttons, without necessarily needing to change my role within the project?

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I am having the same issues, but only on Master branch. This post has been here since Oct 20, '18 1:40 AM and no replay.

In order for a scheduled pipeline to be created successfully:

  • The schedule owner must have permissions to merge into the target branch.
  • The pipeline configuration must be valid.

Otherwise the pipeline is not created.

Source: /help/ci/pipelines/schedules

Make sure the schedule owner has permission to merge to the target branch. e.g under “protected branches”