Scheduled pipeline doesn't start on schedule, but works fine when manually "played"

  1. I have a scheduled pipeline that is supposed to run every Sunday. I have the interval pattern set to “custom”:
    0 12 * * 0
    and GitLab seems to understand that correctly, tells me correctly when the pipeline is scheduled to run.

  2. The pipeline runs and works perfectly fine when I manually click the “play” button next to it on the pipeline schedules webpage.

  3. Yet, the pipeline does not run when GitLab says it is scheduled to run. Afterwards, it continues to say that the pipeline is scheduled to run, but now in the past. E.g. right now it tells me “Next Run: 20 hours ago”.

So, what the heck? I have absolutely no idea what the issue could be nor any way to attempt to diagnose it. Everything seems fine, and yet the pipeline does not trigger.

Extra info: I do not know if any scheduled pipelines have ever run on our company GitLab instance, so if it is possibly some configuration issue then I can raise that with our IT team. I’d like to have a better idea what might be happening though before sending them off on some wild goose chase.

Gitlab version: GitLab Enterprise Edition v16.3.4-ee
Self-managed instance.

Did you find the solution?, I have exactly the same issue… It was working fine until one day it just stopped executing it automatically.