Please Advise R.E. Visual Studio Integration

Please for give any obvious or implied naivete. I function more than adequately from the command line but am old old school source control and just do not like operating without a visual UI.

With that said I have three somewhat obvious questions PLEASE and thank you.
I have implemented successfully ( as a developer / user) including SSH the Visual Studio Git Hub extension to access Git Lab .

#1) Are there any serious limitations that I have not stumbled upon for using the Visual Studio Git Hub plug-in Extension to access Git Lab ?

#2) Does ANYONE know of an official GitLab Visual Studio extension, as the only one that appears from my Google Fu appears to be RUBBISH. (reviews)

#3) Lastly and I realize this one is a wild card attempt in this forum but… is anyone aware of ANY potential conflicts in simultaneously attempting to use Git Extensions for Visual Studio with the previously cited Git Hub extension for Visual Studio?

Again I humbly appreciate any insight here. I have used the VS Git Hub extension for accessing enterprise level Git Lab in a couple of corporate installations and am presently so these questions are very important for me.

And YES I have scoured the internet attempting to confirm potential limitations for question #1, but to no avail. Thank you