Gitlab in Visual Studio 2019 not uploading


I managed to connect a company Gitlab to Visual Studio 2019 with a token as password.
But I can not upload to this company gitlab.
https://git.“company name”.se/
It say “GitLab” in a search field.
I can not see any buttons in VS 2019 with the name “GitLab”.
But I have the GitLab extension.

What did I forget?

Regards from Sweden

Hi @jlivingstonsg, welcome to the forum! :tada:

Are you using this GitLab Extension for Visual Studio? If yes, the instructions explain that you should use your password, not the token. Could you try that and see if it fixes the issue?

It did not work with my password.
I just got an error.
It worked first with my token.

Im stuck … :upside_down_face:


I’m sorry you’re stuck :sweat_smile:!

I haven’t used this extension before, but they do have an issue queue and they might be able to help you? I saw some issues with login errors.

I now can push/pull to gitlab.

But I can not start this webpage code.
Why are all files locked?