Plesk repair and now 502 - cant seem to get passed was working fine

No idea what is going on atm which is very frustrating
Latest CE Gitlab installed

run: gitaly: (pid 6258) 1s; run: log: (pid 2713) 153s
run: gitlab-kas: (pid 2720) 153s; run: log: (pid 2718) 153s
run: gitlab-workhorse: (pid 2722) 153s; run: log: (pid 2721) 153s
run: grafana: (pid 2727) 153s; run: log: (pid 2726) 153s
run: logrotate: (pid 2731) 153s; run: log: (pid 2729) 153s
run: postgresql: (pid 2732) 153s; run: log: (pid 2730) 153s
run: puma: (pid 2716) 153s; run: log: (pid 2712) 153s
run: redis: (pid 2717) 153s; run: log: (pid 2715) 153s
run: sidekiq: (pid 2724) 153s; run: log: (pid 2723) 153s

here is some tail information but I do not know what to look for ?

The only error I see is

==> /var/log/gitlab/gitaly/current <==
time=“2023-02-19T10:27:03Z” level=info msg=“Starting Gitaly, version 15.8.3”
time=“2023-02-19T10:27:03Z” level=fatal msg=“load config: config_path "/var/opt/gitlab/gitaly/config.toml": invalid config: cgroups.repositories: cpu shares cannot exceed parent”

{“error”:“exit status 1”,“level”:“error”,“msg”:“waiting for supervised command”,“pid”:14682,“time”:“2023-02-19T10:35:11.781Z”,“wrapper”:14682}

I am happy to share any logs as this is causing me major stress atm.

turns out an nginx config file had been lost in the process of the repair and the one i had was incorrect typo - all fixed. back to looking at optimizing for small server set up … seem to get a 500 now if I use all the info from this document now… its almost too fast Running GitLab in a memory-constrained environment | GitLab