Pre-receive hook declined on push

Hello, suddenly we start to receive this error when pushing.

! [remote rejected] branchname -> branchname (pre-receive hook declined)

We cant push to any branch. Any of us, even me, the owner.

When i try to edit the file from gitlab text editor it throws an empty error. A div with red background (the div for error messages) but with no content.

When i try to remove the branch in gitlab, it doesn’t do anything! Is my repository corrupted?

What is happening?


Edit: now i receive a 503 when i try to enter to the repo, but only in this repo.

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I am seeing the same issue on one my my repos

We have exact same problem, only one of our repos can’t be pushed and repo page returns 503. Also some guy on freenode claims same problem.

I’m seeing this for a couple of my repos. Same as above.

We are also seeing this issue. In addition our UI for the affected repo is throwing a 503. Other repos we have are working fine.

I’ve noticed that the UI for my affected repos only seems to throw the 503 when viewing files. Viewing branches and merge requests doesn’t seem to cause an error.

Same as above.

  • [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)
  • UI project home page : Error 503

I have the same problem,

There is now a production issue open for this,

I have the same problem :frowning:
What happened, folks?

Seems to be resolved for me now.

Hey all, our apologies for the issue. This should indeed be resolved now. More information can be found in the production issue that @krlnwll linked along with on our status page.

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Hello, here the creator of the issue.
Is fixed now.
Thank you so much.
Indeed we thought that we corrupt our repo, we were frightened… But it was not!