Problem to work with personal access token


I have a Gitlab CE version 13 instance installed from source.

I have a group of users who use a Gitlab, and they report to us these problems that they are having when working with personal access tokens from the git clients they use (git, tortoise…)

• Every day you have to access the GitLab website and validate yourself (with LDAP) for the token to be activated, it seems that after a period of inactivity it is blocked. Sometimes you have to do it more than once a day.
• Frequently, the token is invalidated and you have to regenerate it by accessing the GitLab website.
• Occasionally, when performing an action against GitLab, even having saved the credentials, it asks for the token again and you have to validate it again, this forces you to have the token saved, since obviously the token is impossible to memorize.

How could I solve these problems? Where do I have to look for some more configuration for token authentication?

Thanks in advanced.