Problem with artifact and container removal

Hi there! Hopefully I post this in the right forum, hehe…

I have a specific opensource project in gitlab SaaS which have huge problems with artifacts and containers, the storage grows, a lot, and it does not seem like it want to automatically clean up.

So basically. For some reason, the CI/CD pipelines have decided to save a whole lot of old artifacts, and when I say a whole lot, I mean 500+gb of artifacts. I have updated the settings so that it should delete all old artifacts (as they are only used in the pipelines that run). This helps with new runs, but the older ones (over 1000 runs) won’t release artifacts.

Further, I have activated the container registry cleanup policy, but it seems like it’s getting stuck. It should keep the latest 10 of each image, but in one of the images, there are still 80+ images kept.

As a last resort, I’ve thought about either manually click “delete” on all artifacts through the years, or use the API to remove them, but unsure if this is a larger issue than just “me having a problem” that should be looked in to, so have kept it as is for now.

Is there anything I, myself, can do to clean it up? Or anyone I should/could contact for debugging and cleanup?