Problem with Container Registry =(

My problem is that I can’t see Container Registry, into my project. I don’t have a way to activate this option in my project.


My problem is that I can’t see which installation of GL you’re using. If you’re on a self-hosted instance it may be that the registry is not enabled/setup.

If you want people to help you out, you need to support as much useful information as possible. If you need others to extract it from you, you’re doing it wrong.

edit: sorry for responding in such a rude way. dnsmichi’s reply conveys the important parts perfectly. I hope that this reply doesn’t discourage you from using this forum more often.

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@JAOH Welcome to our community :slight_smile:

You can find the GitLab version by adding /help to the base domain, e.g. in case you are using the self-managed version.

It might be the case that the instance administrator did not setup the container registry, or disabled it on purpose. GitLab Container Registry administration | GitLab Suggest checking that as well.