Problem with issue search

In a particular project there are two issues:

  • Problem with user interaction in Module A
  • Problem with user interaction in Module B

When the issue search is hit over web-dashboard with search text as “Module B” or via API with the request URL as, both of the above-mentioned issues are returned.

Ideally, it should have returned just the second issue containing text “Module B”. Is this a problem with the API?

I suspect you are searching for Module OR B rather than Module AND B. I’m not sure whether adding quotes around "Module B" will help.

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It behaves same on the GitLab web-dashboard search - searching for the string “Module B” is giving those results

Right. Do you have labels on the issues that you could use to limit the search?

No labels there. If this is a valid issue with the API, what’s the right forum to raise it to be taken up for resolution?

I think what you really want is for GitLab to add some boolean operators to their general text search, in which case you need to raise an issue here. But AIUI search is working as intended here, because it’s matching module and a.