Problem with registry and docker

I have a problem with my gitlab, to explain you I have a serveur running Docker (CentOS).
On that server I have a gitlab container.
This gitlab is behind a nginx proxy with https
(automated https proxy with “jwilder/nginx-proxy” and “jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion” containers).
I would like to deploy gitlab runners to enable CI/CD to my existing Gitlab.

Then I need to create a docker registry for the runners, I use the container “registry:2” to do so.
So my docker looked like that :

  • gitlab container (gitlab/gitlab-ce:latest)
  • gitlab runner (gitlab/gitlab-runner:latest)
  • registry (registry:2)
  • nginx proxy (jwilder/nginx-proxy:latest)
  • nginx proxy companion, that manage the SSL certificate (jrcs/letsencrypt-nginx-proxy-companion:latest)

For the network side

  • gitlab, runner and registry are on a network named gitlab_backend
  • gitlab, nginx proxy and companion are on a network named nginx-proxy_frontend

All configuration are blank, the runner and registry are untouched, so for exemple the registry Is on porte 5000.
(Which was a conflict at some point)

I have tryied several solution and non of them were working, but none of the solutions were behind a proxy or on gitlab docker.

If you need further informations, I have all the docker-compose files and gitlab.rb

Could you please guys help me configure my gitlab so I can enable CI/CD ?