Problems Logging in with 2 Factor Authentication

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Hello! Sharing this message from our GitLab support team here for community members who are currently having trouble logging in with 2FA.

Weve introduced an issue in 13.3.4 that will prevent users from signing in if you are using 2 factor authentication. Were tracking details on the issue and progress towards a fix in issue 244638.

In the meantime, we currently have two proposed workarounds

  1. Temporarily Disable 2FA. Youll find instructions to do it in that link.

  2. We are currently working on a Merge Request to fix this. From this Merge Request, you can obtain a patch that can be applied for GitLab instances running version 13.3. You can find out how to patch a GitLab instance via these instructions.

This is being treated as a blocker issue, so expect to see a new release with a fix ASAP.



just applied the fix to a 13.3.4 (aebc07f48e8) and 2FA is working again


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I have difficulties to login with 2FA on
Is this really fix ?

If so, my phone number can be wrong.
Any tips ?

Thanks for any advices.


Ok, the recovery code did the trick.