Allowing more granular profile privacy settings

I’m using GitLab CE. In User Settings → Profile, at the very bottom are two checkboxes: “Private profile” and “Private contributions”. Checking the private profile box basically hides everything on your account, including public projects/repos. Unchecking the private profile box shows everything, including all your activity (e.g., you did this particular action at this particular time). The help text for that box is “Don’t display activity-related personal information on your profiles”, which I don’t think is particularly accurate – it should say “don’t display anything”, basically.

Do any of the paid versions have more granular settings for privacy? For example, I would like to enable other people to see my public projects, but I don’t really want other people to be able to see everything that I do on those public projects, including time stamps of when I’m active. That is, it would be great to be able to use GitLab as a type of code portfolio, without all the other privacy implications of allowing the world to see your schedule.

Thanks for any ideas or feedback.