Project last update date

On my list of repositories I see projects that I haven’t touched for years being pushed up to the top of the list with a recent update date.

As per the following screenshot, these two repositories have been updated 2 days ago, but I haven’t touched them, not even opened them in years. They are private projects that no one else has access to:


That’s a bit annoying because I expect to find project I have update recently from my homepage, so that I can access them quickly, but instead I got all these old repositories.

What’s going on?
Thanks !

@iwalker the search feature is not working greatly

Works perfectly fine for me, giving quite a few results in the top 10 with this same problem: Search results for 'project update date' - GitLab Forum


You’re a lucky one

Thanks for the reminder. I have pinned the linked topic into the General category.