When will they fix the repository update time?

Good afternoon! I read a news item a long time ago that the service has a problem with displaying the last update date of repositories and because of this the sorting of repository lists was displayed incorrectly. On some pages it is possible to sort from the creation date, which partially solves the problem, but on other pages there is no sorting. I’m tired of my projects updating themselves every few days. And I have trouble finding projects with really recent changes every time.

This link should explain the situation:

they obviously have other priorities right now, either that or it has been fixed, and you haven’t upgraded your installation (you don’t mention if you run your own server or use gitlab.com).

Yes, that’s exactly the post I was reading.

I’m using gitlab.

I try to put up with this problem, but sometimes it’s just not possible. Repositories that I haven’t touched at all, that only I alone own, and I haven’t even logged into them, they are still being “updated”. It’s like I’m in a haunted house - the ghosts don’t exist, but someone is still rearranging the nightstands in the closet.