Public Pipeline Artifacts Download Issue

Hi All,

I’m trying to setup my project so the latest builds can be downloaded publicly, while keeping the source code private, which I believe should be possible based on older threads discussing the same thing and documentation about permissions.

Following other comments, I’ve double-checked the public pipelines option is set.

I can access see the pipelines my project (, but when attempting to download via buttons shown, Chrome complains there’s no file to download. Similarly, when I try to use a link with a reference name (master branch), it fails with a 404 error.

I’ve only just recently change the project to being public and setup the automated builds … bit of a learning curve, so I’m wondering what if I’ve done something wrong or it might simply take a while for everything to take effect?

As an experiment, I tried toggling the public pipelines option, at which point I keep getting a 500 error when I save the changes, which may also imply things are in a broken state.

First time posting, this is all relatively new to me, so thanks in advance to anyone with any tips that might help :slight_smile: