Pull/push over http(s) with LDAP failed after upgrade to 10.6.0


After upgrade to 10.6.0 (from 10.5.6) I can’t pull/clone/push over http(s) and LDAP authentication:

remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for …

Web interface is ok though, I’m able to login, browse projects, system configuration etc.

My other gitlab instance (without LDAP) works perfectly.

Am I the only one with such problem?

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We are also having the exactly same issue with the exact same combination (ldap, http(s) auth) since 10.6.0!

As a side note: Login into the Gitlab (CE) Backend is still working via LDAP

In my case, this only concerned admins. I was able to fix it by changing my own (and other admins) password (Admin area -> Users -> Edit -> Password). Perhaps it helps you. Good luck!

In my case the “username” of my account seems to have been changed to my firstname “Martin”. It has been “mofux” before. Changing it back made it work again.

Oh… Anyway looks like bug (new feature) in 10.6.0 :grinning:

Yeah, seems like a bug. I’m an admin user as well btw.

Same for me. I tried to disable and re-enable “password_authentication_enabled_for_git” via gitlab_rails. But did not help …

You can use personal access token for this case.

Yes, but using the personal access token is required when password_authentication_enabled_for_git is disabled. So I assume a bug so that password_authentication_enabled_for_git does not take effect.

Yes, your approach is correct, but problem is how to explain this stuff to hundreds angry users :grinning:

Sorry about the trouble. 10.6.2 has this fixed: https://about.gitlab.com/2018/03/29/gitlab-10-6-2-released/