Push force with a push mirror setup

Hi GitLab forum‚

I wrote the other day on Twitter, about an experince I hade with a push -f.

I had to make a “git push -f” today. On (a)gitlab, I’ve setup a mirror (in push mode), but that one failed because of that.

Me over here thinking… If I force push, so should the mirror push function. If not, it’s not much of a “mirror” (ie mirror of my changes, forced or not).

There was a check box with something about the refs… Not sure it would work the way I want. Looked more like it’ll just skip, instead of fail. Will have to look more at it later. -_-

You reached out to me (thank you :+1: ), and asked me to post this here, so you could track that issue.

So, in short… When setting up a repo to push to a mirror. Then it should push whatever I push. Otherwise it’s not much of a mirror function, but a “relay”, sortof… :–)

· Eric