Questions about GitLab Pages and Repos

Hello everyone! I have some questions about GiTLab Pages. First of all I’d like to tell you that I’ve already read: this article, this one and that I’ve also watched this video but being a total git noob it was all so overwhelming to understand, considering that english is not my mother tongue. I have some questions for this…

NOTE: I’m using Windows so I can only use GitLab from website!

The first one is: what’s the real difference between a page based on a user and a page based on a project? I mean, aside the url thing, both works the same way, right? I was thinking about this: the user-based page could be like my portfolio, and all the project-based pages could be links on my portfolio page which redirect to my other projects (example: a clock made in javascript). Is this the right way to think the differences between them?

The second one is: if I have some files inside a folder on my PC and I want to add them all to an existent repo do I have to follow all the steps provided in the repo or can I skip the two config --global things and just go on with the others? Also, I’m able to do it using HTTPS but I didn’t understand how to do it using a SSH, and what does this mean :s

Third one is: I have a repo with CSS, JS, HTML stuff in it: how do I transform it into an user-based page or a project-based page? I mean, I’ve read the guide but I don’t really got what to put inside the .gitlab-ci.yml file :s

NOTE: all these files have been created by me, I haven’t used anything like Jekyll etc. (which I don’t know what they are, if frameworks like bootstrap/node.js or other things)

Final one: I’ve seen some LICENSE files, tried to google but I didn’t completely got what it is and above all when it must be used.

Sorry for so many newbie question, thank you in advance for helping me!

The main difference between a project page and user page is that user page’s owner is the user while project page owner are those who created the project and those who are assigned. Think it more like team repository versus individual repository.

The simplest way to create a new project is from the web interface unless you have many projects and is using a script to create them.

Sorry but don’t know what you’re asking on the third question.

LICENSE files are license for the project. Something like Apache and GPL. It’s not required to have them but strongly recommended to have them to explicitly show which license the project is using.

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Hello, thanks for your answer(s)! The third question meaning is: “how do I create a web-page from a repository?” I’ve read the guide, but it says this:

But I don’t know what to put inside the .yml file to make it works… (and apparently this file MUST be in the page root otherwise it won’t be displayed). Again, I may have understood wrong.