Online project. Pointing to project file urls

Hi, thank you for Gitlab and this forum.

I have created a Gitlab pages from the HTML template.

I would like, instead of to point to my “home” page (public/index.html), to point to my file.

I tried to put the url behind the project home url, it does not work.

Please, note that I do not want to create a website. I want just to put online a project and its files.

Thank you for feedback. Or documentation about this.

Best regards, jrd10

Hi @jrd10

I you don’t want to create a website, just making your project public will mean that anyone can read it.

By using GitLab pages, you are essentially creating a website. If you want to put your README on a website, there are relatively easy ways to do that, but I wonder whether just making the project public would give you what you want?

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Hi @snim2 , yes, thank you for this feedback. I have this url:

I am looking for a url with :slight_smile:

Something like would be great :).

Thank you for your time and consideration;

Best regards, jrd10

Well, in that case, your pages job in your .gitlab-ci.yml file could just copy your to the pages directory, and then would be available, but it will just be a raw Markdown file, unless you explicitly convert it to HTML.


Thank you for this

I am too far from yaml syntax and from CI to understand :’(

I will use the usual url :).

Thank you for your time :).

I have added a link to in the navbar :).


@jrd10 I’ve created a merge request with changes. I could not test them, though they should work. While at it, I’ve also fixed the job rules to always run on the main branch.

Suggest to review and merge to trigger a new pipeline deployment for pages.