Recover repositories from gitlab installation

I have an old kubernetes gitlab installation and I’d like to recover all of the repositories that were made on the installation. Is this possible? and if so how?

I figured it would be easier than trying to re-setup everything identical without having any issues with versioning etc.
Somewhat related topic, but never got answered: Fresh install of GitLab-CE, carry over old repositories and settings


Do you have the backup and the gitlab-secrets.json file for this installation. If so this section should help:

I recently used this to restore to a new server. I also had the gitlab.rb configuration file, so more or less it was:

  1. Install gitlab.
  2. Place the gitlab.rb and gitlab-secrets.json in /etc/gitlab
  3. Run gitlab-ctl reconfigure
  4. Place the file in the backup directory as per the backup/restore link.

then follow the remaining steps for the restore.