Recreate Gitlab from backup-files

Hello there. :slight_smile:

About half a year ago we´ve had Gitlab installed via Omnibus installation on a OpenSuse. Somehow the whole System got corrupted and I was only able to backup these partitions. So (the important?) files should be there - at least the PostgreSQL Database.

Is it possible to install the lates Gitlab Version and somehow import / copy these files/the database to get a fully working Gitlab?


First question is do you have a backup of git repository?
In the Omnibus installation, this should be /var/opt/gitlab/git-data

If you followed the instructions in the following page, all files should have been backed up.

Had a similar situation, what I did was recover to the version I backed up before and just did a version up after making sure everything was recovered. It’s not possible to recover to a different version because database table may have changed.

What exactly do you mean? I was able to backup all partitions after the system got corrupted but there was never done a backup via gitlab itself. I can mount these old partitions and browse those files.
Something I´ve tried already: install opensuse as vm, install gitlab-ce, stop services, mount those old partitions and overwrite the existing installation. Though the gitlab-versions didn´t match I was not able to restart gitlab aftewards…

Is there any specific file which I can look after to get the version frome those corrupted files?


Sorry. Thought that you only had the database backup on a partition.
Getting back to the issue, I think you need to re-install the same version over again and do a regular upgrade.