Refork deleted fork (cannot refork) in web

Problems with deleted fork (cannot refork) in web

I barely use GitLab. I forked this project two years ago: 2022 · master · Goran Frehse / ARCH-COMP · GitLab. I forgot I even had a GitLab account or forked this project before. I do not remember if I downloaded the files to a machine, but in any case, I do not have that machine now. I tried to submit changes to this project again three days ago all via web interface. It created a merge request saying my fork was a lot of commits behind. I deleted the merge request. I could not find a way to update the fork to the latest version of the repository via web. So, the laziest and easiest solution in my mind was to delete that old fork and create a new one (all in web). I did so. However, when I try to refork the project, Gitlab sends me to the old fork:

How do I recover this fork and update it via web? Or how do I create a new fork unrelated to this one?

I have the same problem with a fork.

Did you solve your issue?

No, I did not, sorry.