Remote: GitLab: 401 Unauthorized To xxxx:sources/code.git

I installed a neue Server "Ubuntu 20.04 and Gitlab 14.0.5 - i restored the latest Gitlab Backup and the people can work on the GUI - the first impression is - it’s works. But the developer have no access to the repositories. I check the Gitlab Installation “gitlab-ctl reconfigure, gitlab-rake gitlab:check,gitlab-rake gitlab:check SANITIZE=true” and i don’t see any problem.
I get following message " remote: GitLab: 401 Unauthorized To xxxx:sources/code.git ! [remote rejected] bse_coords → bse_coords (pre-receive hook declined) error: failed to push some refs to ‘’
We tried to do a check-in and clone in the GUI, but without success . What is wrong and how can I solve the problem? Thanks

The problem only appears during the “push” process.
I found an article “You need to sync your gitlab-secrets.json file with your GitLab application nodes.” And how do I do that?

the problem is solved, configuration in sshd_confg were the problem

We are using 13.12.12-ee.
Facing the same issue.
Kindly share fix you have done on sshd_config

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We found the solution for our issue.
Here is our what we tried.

We are using omnibus installation.
We were getting “401 error” after we restore the backup from the source machine.
As per the documentation synced the gitlab-secrets.json file source machine to destination.
After that we were were not able to push anything.

Take a backup of /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json in the destination machine.
Copy the /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json from source machine to destination machine
Take the value of “gitlab_shell” - “secret_token” from the destination machine’s backup of gitlab-secrets.json file, and replace in the value in /etc/gitlab/gitlab-secrets.json (which was copied in destination from the source machine).
run gitlab-ctl reconfigure


That was the case for me as well. The problem was fixed, but I do not like the idea to have the same key for both gitlab instanses. Is there a way to regenerate new gilab-shell key?

@JustinHerbert What if we don’t have the backup? I already moved the gitlab-secrets.json :frowning: I don’t have the value of “gitlab_shell” for the new server…

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