Remote Repository Mirroring Github > GitLab - 30 minute delay?


Long time fan of GitLab, at my last company I implemented GitLab with great success. I haven’t used the product in about 6 months. Just like at my previous company our code is in Github and we want to take advantage of GitLab CI.

I setup a new GitLab project and configured it to mirror from a remote repository. The authentication works and everything. However, the new commits are not getting mirrored to GitLab automatically.

After doing some reading I found some documentation that states after Sidekiq successfully pulls from your remote repository it requeues that project for at least 30 minutes… Meaning it will only pull from Github > GitLab once every 30 minutes?!

I’m really hoping I’ve misunderstood this, having the repository in GitLab updating every 30 minutes will make the CI functionality completely useless. FWIW I also signed up for the GOLD level trial thinking that would speed things up.

Can anyone speak to what’s changed over the last year and why it’s so slow? If anyone has any workarounds that would be super helpful as well.

I’ve been talking up GitLab to my new company since I was hired and this was supposed to be a POC before we possibly moved to GitLab from CircleCI but this whole thing certainly puts a damper on things.


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Taylor -

This is true for generic “pull mirroring” of repositories that are meant to be kind of lazy-loaded mirrors. For integration with GitHub for CI, check out the Using GitLab CI/CD with a GitHub repository docs.

That integration not only sets up pull mirroring, but also sets up the GitHub integration to the GitLab project, enabling a web hook that GitHub will hit whenever is a commit is made to trigger the build on every commit.