Remove Gitlab Account from Gitlab Workflow in VSCode?

O.k. this is VERY frustrating.

I use and Ubuntu Linux machine with VS Code with Gitlab Workflow and after my personal token expired and can no longer remove or update my account. I just keep getting:

Account for instance and user XXXXXX already exists. The extension ignored the request to re-add it. You can remove the account and add it again.

I have removed the extension, removed the directory where the extension is stored and STILL get this error. How do I update either JUST my token for Gitlab Workflow or completely remove the account?

O.k. I have no idea why I could not remove my account so I had to just completely re-install VScode to fix this issue. Would be nice if they would make a change PAT option on an account.

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in VS Code if you are using a Mac: ⇧⌘P and type “Giitlab: Remove Account”

that should remove the old account and allow you to add the new one.