Renaming the GitLab host / URL


I just installed GitLab onto our CentOS 7 VM. I used the CE RPM installation from the downloads page. At the end, i can connect and login to the UI with the IP address, but since this is an evaluation instance, it’s not in DNS, so when i do any sys admin functions, i get redirected to a nonworking URL with a temporary auto-generated hostname for the VM, which does not work: http://b12opsgtlb01t/admin/

is there a configuration option to change this URL to use the IP address, instead?

Also, how do i restart the server after the change (sorry i’m very new to GitLab, and trying to evaluate it against other products)?

Found the solution myself via google.
Changed ‘external_url’ in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

but now, i have a new issue - after i ran ‘gitlab-ctl reconfigure’ e-mail notifications to newly added users stopped working. still searching for an answer to that one …

Here’s a quick fix. Enter as hostname and add this entry at your /etc/hosts.

Make sure to check the documentation as well

As for the e-mails, check the postfix logs, should be /var/mail/mail.log. It’s probably due to the fact that you used the ip. If you do the change in /etc/hosts, also change the VMs hostname like hostname

Thanks for the pointers. The /etc/hosts solution will probably not work, since that is what shows up in the URL and is not resolvable from our downstream PCs. i’ll need to put it into the DNS, but since it’s an eval instance in a sandbox, that won’t happen.
I’ll look for the logs, as you suggested.