Repo Pending Deletion Is Still On My Profile Past Deletion Date

I’ve deleted 2 repos/projects back on 2020-01-31. It gave me a week of grace period before it’d be removed/permenantly deleted on 2020-02-07. Now it’s 2020-02.09 here and my 2 repos are still there on my profile, visible.

How can I fix this? I thought it was a cookies related issue, so I cleared my cache and all yet it was still there when I logged back in.

I am not getting 404/500 etc. I can still access the repos as if I am not past the week of grace period and change settings, including canceling the delete request.

Any idea on how to fix this?

Hey @DisposableJoe, welcome to the forum.

Are these projects hosted on If so, it sounds like this may be something we’ll need to investigate in the back end. Please submit a support ticket so that we can investigate further.