Testing projects stuck in "pending removal" limbo


I’ve spent some time fiddling around with Gitlab. Now I’m ready to migrate my handful of projects from Github to Gitlab. I’ve already created some projects here for testing purposes. I’ve deleted them to recreate them properly from scratch. Only now I get a “name already taken” error. The projects seem to be stuck in “pending removal” limbo.

Can one of the admins here please flush this stuff? It’s all the deleted projects in gitlab.com/kikinovak.


Hey @kikinovak, just so that you have context for why this happened in the first place this is due to our implementation of soft deletion of projects.

We’d be happy to clear out those projects and delete them immediately though. Would you mind submitting a support ticket and in it including direct links to each and every project you need deleted immediately? My apologies in advance if that sounds tedious, but when it comes to matters of data loss we need the wording behind the request to leave no room for interpretation.

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Thanks for getting back to me.

It looks like I can’t submit the support ticket, because my credentials don’t work on the page you linked me to.

So what can a poor boy do ?

Please ignore my previous post. I just found out I have to create a separate account for the Support section. So I just did that and submitted the report as suggested.

Thanks very much.

@kikinovak No worries, thanks for doing that. I’ll be sure we get a response out to you today.