Repository files API throws HTTP 400 error


Problem to solve

We are running multiple projects where we make HTTP get requests to the repository files API in another project. These use a token with API permissions on the other project, this has been working fine and when looking at the Project Access Tokens page for that project the token has also been recently used. We are however now getting random HTTP 400 errors on all these projects, that use the same logic with different tokens. Has anybody been experiencing anything like this today? This was working fine about 6h ago.


Make sure the way you’re asking for data from the API is correct, including all the details it needs in the right format. Sometimes, HTTP 400 errors happen because something in the request isn’t right. Even though you didn’t say you’re hitting any limits on how many requests you can make, it’s still good to check. Usually, if you’re asking too often, you’d get a different error (like HTTP 403 or 429), but it’s always smart to make sure you’re not asking for too much, too fast.