Request for Assistance: Obtaining Direct Link to Package Registry Page for NuGet Package Versions

Hello GitLab Support and Community,

I am currently working on automating the release process for our NuGet packages in GitLab CI/CD, and I am encountering a challenge that I hope you can assist me with.

As part of our release process, we would like to include direct links to the specific versions of our NuGet packages that have been published to the GitLab Package Registry. These links would ideally point to the Package Registry page (exemple of page link: [[my]([my) company]/[group l1]/[group l2]/[group l3]/[group l4]/[project]/-/packages/[ID of my package. Unknown how it generated]).

Currently, we are able to publish NuGet packages to the GitLab Package Registry using the dotnet nuget push command from a pipeline job, and we can see these packages listed in the Package Registry section of our project. However, we are struggling to find a straightforward way to programmatically obtain the URL for each package version’s page in the Package Registry.

Our goal is to include these direct links in our release descriptions, making it easy for users to access the specific package versions associated with each release. This would significantly enhance the user experience and provide a more convenient way to download and use our packages.

Could you please provide guidance on how we can achieve this? Specifically, we are looking for:

A method or API endpoint that allows us to retrieve the URL for each package version’s page in the Package Registry. Any best practices or recommendations for incorporating these links into our release descriptions. We appreciate any assistance you can provide and look forward to your response.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,

Olivier Puech