Unable to access generic package links anonymously via release page

I have problems using GitLab CI to publish public packages into the generic package registry accessing the packages from inside the release page when not being logged in.

We created a GitLab CI configuration using this example and configured a public project.

I am able to create and upload generic packages and also access the packages from the Release page. I am also able to download those packages, as long as I am logged in. But as soon as I am logged out, I get a login when trying to download the packages using the release page, as this is referencing the v4 API link. If I am trying to download the package via the package registry page, I am able to.

Is it either possible to make the package registry accessible via API-v4 or generate the links on the release page in a way, that they are accessible for anonymous user?

Hi @evotionX in your project settings General->Visibility… do you have anything set to Only project members?

Hi @snim2 everything is generally set to everyone with access, the only exception ist forks and metrics dashboard. Additionally we disabled issues, Git LFS, Wiki and snippets.

Hmm. Can you post the URL of the project and the release page and so on?

As this instance is a private instance without access from the internet it is not possible to connect to it.
I also need to anonymize the URLs.
The project URL
The release page URL
The package registry URL as it is linked from inside the release page

After further investigation, I found the corresponding entry in the docs. Authentication with the API is needed for downloading package files. I am wondering if it is possible to change this behavior for future releases, as the npm registry supports anonymous downloads, as long as the project is access-level is set to public.

Good catch! I see there’s a similar issue up for Conan packages but I haven’t seen one for generic packages. You might want to raise one youself?

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I created an issue for generic packages, thanks for your help.

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