Resetting Gitlab on Podman


On RHEL 8, I have a problem when restarting Gitlab instance on Podman.
Everything works fine but running command: sudo podman restart gitlab-server makes an error:
ERRO[0011] Failed to start transient timer unit: Unit 28e595d7d0812cd0e5e772db55d02d137c4179fcd4aa0527162d28b22d169ee3.service already exists.

When I list all services, I can see above service with “load failed” status.
Error is not making any problems with functionality but it is quite strange what is happening.

Thank You for any advice.

Hi @argal
do you have the container configured as systemd service?

I believe no, because I just run a podman container on a fresh Redhat 8 VM.
Funny thing is that when I run command for the first time - there was no error.

This message seems to be coming from systemd, which is used by podman for healhchecks