Resetting Gitlab on Podman


On RHEL 8, I have a problem when restarting Gitlab instance on Podman.
Everything works fine but running command: sudo podman restart gitlab-server makes an error:
ERRO[0011] Failed to start transient timer unit: Unit 28e595d7d0812cd0e5e772db55d02d137c4179fcd4aa0527162d28b22d169ee3.service already exists.

When I list all services, I can see above service with “load failed” status.
Error is not making any problems with functionality but it is quite strange what is happening.

Thank You for any advice.

Hi @argal
do you have the container configured as systemd service?

I believe no, because I just run a podman container on a fresh Redhat 8 VM.
Funny thing is that when I run command for the first time - there was no error.

This message seems to be coming from systemd, which is used by podman for healhchecks

Did anyone get any solution for this error? I’m also getting the same running a podman container start , brand new container and Gitlab image (old version though)…