[RESOLVED] Cannot create merge requests between two forks

Hi guys. I am unable to create merge requests between two forks of the same project.

I have a repo, examplegroup/project, that is forked by two different users, user.a and user.b. I am able to create merge requests between the forks and the parent repo (e.g. mr from user.a/project into examplegroup/project, and vice versa), but I am unable to create a merge request from user.a/project into user.b/project or vice versa. Both users have at least developer permissions in the other repo (in fact, I’m attempting this with an admin user).

Is this possible to do? I’ve found a few other threads online asking about the same thing, but didn’t see any clear answer or resolution. Am I doing something wrong, or is it just not possible?

This is a relatively fresh installation using gitlab-7.9.2_omnibus-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

Thanks in advance!

That’s not how merge requests work. The two repos must be connected somehow. So either one has to be a fork of other or userA has to push a branch on repoB and vice versa.

Thanks for the info. While this is not how merge requests are currently intended to work, is there any possibility that such a feature might be implemented in the future, or something else to the same effect? This is currently a quite useful feature for collaboration on GitHub, where pull requests can be created between forks of the same project.

I don’t think there is such plan, but don’t take my word for it. You can always search http://feedback.gitlab.com/ and upvote if someone had the same request or create it if it doesn’t exitst :wink:

Sounds good.
Thanks for the help!