[RESOLVED] Impossible to edit file from web portal


Since version 16.x, I can no longer edit files from the web portal.
I use the official docker image and I’ve always used this method since version 10.x.
When I try to edit a file, it loads the page and then the loading icon runs in a loop without ever getting any satisfaction.
In very rare cases with simple text files (.env or file.txt) from a few bytes it works.
Unable to find a solution, I started from a blank 17.0.1 installation.
I backed up my gitlab server from my container and then imported the backup into my blank installation.
In the gitlab.rc file, I just updated the URL in my blank installation.
The problem persists and I can’t find anything in the logs that would point me in the right direction.
“In front of my gitlab docker container I use an apache container reverse proxy.
Have you ever come across a similar case? Could you help me identify the right log to look at/the source of the problem?

Thanks for your help

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It appears that the problem could be linked to the setup of your reverse proxy or a compatibility issue between the Docker image and the version of GitLab you are utilizing. Review the logs for GitLab and Apache to identify any errors or warnings that may point to the root cause of the issue. Also, verify that your reverse proxy configuration accurately directs requests to GitLab. For more information, you can also visit office interior because they offer proxy servers issues services


I hadn’t even thought of reverse proxy :slight_smile:

This morning I did something simpler than checking the reverse proxy, I simply bypassed the reverse proxy to use the docker container directly.

I don’t have any problems without the reverse proxy.

From the first hints about the reverse proxy, it seems that my problem comes from an update to “ModSecurity for Apache”.

A rules update and here’s how the trouble happens.

Thanks for the hint and the solution.

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