GitLab Web IDE not working and cant find files

Hi everyone,

I’m running a self hosted gitlab instance in a docker container and im forwarding traffic via a reverse proxy using IIS. The gitlab instance has been given a certificate and is all running SSL nicely.

The issue im facing is that when opening certain files, usually code like C#, im faced with an error saying gitlab could not load the file. When i either click to load the webIDE or download the file i get a 404 saying the file is not found. Not even a preview is loaded.

With regular text files, images or other file types i get no error clicking the file and a preview is displayed properly. However if i do click to use the web IDE i get an error from gitlab saying the main branch could not be found.

Interestingly if i access the gitlab server using its IP address rather than its FQDN i get no errors and using the webIDE all works as it should. Except of course SSL does not work for this.

Is there something im missing in the rb file that would break this functionality behind a reverse proxy? as everything aside from the web id and being able to find certain code files works fine…

Many thanks.

Update for everyone…

i have noticed that when i click to create a new project the project url shows the servers IP address and NOT the FQDN thats used when you navigate to the gitlab instance.

Not sure where it has got that from as in the gitlab.rn file i have not entered the IP anywhere…