Reusing an old (deleted) branch name seems to confuse GitLab

I just pushed some changes to a new branch with a name I had apparently already used in the past. The old branch was merged and deleted. This seems to confuse GitLab’s UI in a bunch of places:

  • After pushing to the branch, I don’t get the usual pop up at the top of the project and MR pages to automatically suggest a merge request.
  • On the branches page, there’s no “Merge Request” button.
  • Clicking on the branch, either on the branches page or on the project/repo page results in a 404.
  • If I create a merge request manually, GitLab claims “Source branch does not exist” and doesn’t link to the branch:

There might be others. Is this a known issue and/or worth reporting on the GitLab Issue Tracker?

Edit: It works now. 18 minutes after creating the merge request, this popped up in the log and now everything seems to be fine.


Is there a way to force this restore to happen manually?