Missing merge request icon after creating a new branch


when I create a new branch and push it i cant send a merge request from web ui .
merge request icon is missing i dont know why I checked Timezone , Permissions of Developer team and every thing fine (I think )

Gitlab omnibus latest 8.7.0

thank you

It seems like the Merge Requests feature has been disabled for the project. Please can you verify that the feature is enabled in the project settings?

No its enabled i checked before

any updates , any suggestions ?

Looking at the code, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be seeing the Merge Request button there in the UI, provided that your User has the Developer access level.

The button is shown based on the condition that both branches exist, they aren’t equivalent, and that the Merge Requests feature is enabled for the project. All of which you seem to satisfy.

Maybe create another User with access to the project and check to see whether the button is visible for that user.

I just encountered this same problem too. Pushed a new branch to remote successfully, and went to Merge Requests expecting to see the helpful “You just pushed a new branch - would you like to create a Merge Request” banner, but it wasn’t there this time. And when I check in branches, there’s no Merge Request button:

As you can see, Merge Requests are available for the project - other branches have the button. Just not the new one that I just pushed.

Any ideas?

This gitlab instance (which unfortunately I do not control) is running 8.8.2

And here’s a quick followup:

Upon further googling I found this comment on an old Github issue that mentioned a workaround that I have just tried, and it worked.

In short: create a new branch from the web interface (ie. in Gitlab), and then the branch that previously had no Merge Request button should now have one, and you can create a Merge Request without problems.

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The problem is all about sidekiq in my case , I upgrade my server and give sidekiq more resource to deliver jobs faster than before so problem solved .

just to add that is possible that repositories have wrong simlink to hooks in repo directories on GitLab. Consider reading thread on follow URL : https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq/issues/9101