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Issue 1:
We have trouble creating CI variable in gitlab UI.

When did this happen : To migrate the gitlab from old hardware to new one, we installed the gitlab and postgres (same version as that of old one) on a different hardware, and restored from the backup. On the new gitlab instance, we can’t add a new variable to the existing projects or a new project as shown in the screenshot. Rest of the functionalities work fine

Gitlab version : 13.12.15
postgres version : 12.2

Issue 2:
We observed another problem post migration, i.e. it does not allow renaming the project

Issue 3:
throws error 500 while trying to change the project path

All the issues are sorted out. It was all due to password mismatch for postgres user in the DB and the k8s secret. We reset the password as per k8s secret and things started working normally. By the way, the postgres DB was installed using postgres operator via rancher fleet.

After the restore, the postgres resource was accidentally removed by rancher fleet while gitlab was running. So, we deployed the postgres using postgres operator manually( without rancher fleet) and attached the PVC which had the restored data. Most likely, this seem to have caused the problem with password mistmatch for postgres. Anyway, all sorted out now.

However, what makes us curious is that gitlab uses gitlab user to connect with postgres and gitlab was working partially. Why does it depend on postgres user