RPM Failed error during the installation of gitlab-ee-13.0.14-ee on SLES 12 SP5


We are trying to upgrade our Gitlab-ee 12.7.2 to the latest gitlab version. As part of the upgrade path, I was trying to install Gitlab-ee 13.0.14. “sudo EXTERNAL_URL=“https://gitdlabd.dev.com” zypper install gitlab-ee-13.0.14-ee.0.sles12.x86_64”

The error seems to be complaining about lack of space but it’s not clear.

I have attached 2 screenshots. The first one with the error and the second with the mount points and space utilization.

I wonder to which directory the rpm packages get downloaded and unpacked.

Please advise. Thank you for your help.


On my system /opt/gitlab uses 2.1gb and will unpack where /opt is so on the / partition which on yours only has 2gb free. So seems it needs extra 100mb. You need much bigger / partition if you arent going to split /opt, /usr, etc to separate partitions and especially if /var isnt separated as well as /var/opt/gitlab has all repo data.

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Thank you iwalker. We are in the process of expanding the / partition. I will let you know soon.

It worked after expanding the / partition. thanks for your help.

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