Run a pipeline job after a release is created for an existing tag via the GUI?


I’m probably being thick, but I would really like to define a job in my pipeline that runs after a release is created (whether via the GUI or the CLI or whatever).

I don’t want it to run whenever a tag is created, because tags can be created without releases, and releases can be created from existing tags. It needs to be specifically when a release is created.

I don’t want to use the release keyword because that only creates a release - and I want it to be OK to create a release via the GUI, and then react to it being created. Which means I can’t use the trigger keyword in a release job.

I can see you can configure a webhook to react to release create events - but a webhook to trigger a pipeline seems a massively over complicated way to do this.

I feel there must be some kind of rules that would meet my need, but I can’t work out what they would be!

The precise use case is that I want to attach asset links to a bunch of things in the package repository automatically - which means that the release has to exist when the job runs.

Grateful for any help.