Suggestions on why pipeline not triggered when pushing tag (web/cli)?

Gitlab on-premise v 13.5.4 CE

I manage a CI/CD Pipeline for my project, hosted on our self-managed Gtilab instance.

I want to trigger the pipeline when a tag is pushed to the repo. The goal is to automate the release process. We’re using gitflow workflow, so the basically the desired process is:

    • develop a feature on a feature branch
    • merge it on develop when finished
    • repeat 1 until enough features
    • tag on develop to create a release candidate
    • if OK, merge develop on master
      6.- tag master to create an official release

Hower, I’m facing a stange problem in this project: the pipeline is not triggered when I put a tag (by web or cli). It works fine on other projects.

What can cause this ?

I already checked:

  • my workflow (but seems OK)


  • CI/CD settings of the project: I’ve unchecked Auto-cancel redundant, pending pipelines

I suspect that some “optimization” is happening here, because there is no change in the repo between the merge to develop and the tag and we tag only if the last pipeline was the success.

I can skip the problem by manually creating the release branch, but I’m annoyed and want to iundestrand what happens :slight_smile: