Runner not visible/working

Group Runner are NOT visible (and not working) in subgroup

I’m testing Gitlab Ultimate as Saas and registered 2 group runner, running on a machine in my company. I see the group runner in my main group under settings/CI/CD but not in a subgroup
My main group:

My subgroup:

So my project-pipeline is stuck

I found an issue, which seems related to my problem, but it is closed (without a solution)

Hi @rouven.dreimann
do you see the Runners under Project’s CI/CD Runners?

Thanks for your fast reply @balonik
In Project-Settings I can see one of the two runner I registered:

Is this a bug?
In MainGroup there are 2 runner, in subgroup there is none and in project in the subgroup there is one runner

Runners defined in parent groups are not listed in subgroups, probably, because there is no ‘parent group’ section. I agree this might be improved (maybe there is a feature request for it already).
But you should see both Runners in the Project.

This could happen if the other Runner was intentionally or by mistake scoped to a project (by clicking on the Enable buttons on Runner page or other means). Such Runner is scoped to Project and is not available to Group anymore (even if it was registered on Group level). Even if you remove the Runner from Project it won’t get back to Group level. At least that is my experience from the past.

If you have the option I would unregister the runner and register it again to the Group.

Thanks for explaining. The runner was visible to the project and then I created a subgroup, moved the project in the subgroup. From that point it was not visible for the project anymore.
I did not scoped the runner for any specific project.

Thanks for the hint, I will re-register it

Oh, you moved the project! Why you didn’t say so in the first post? :smiley:
Then you are probably affected by this issue. I suggest to colaborate in the issue to help GitLab find the root cause.


Register a “new” Runner has solved my problem.

Thanks @balonik