RuntimeError Validation failed, unable to request certificate

I am a new user as of 8-23-2020.
I am running a private DNS server (Bind9) on Debian 10 with Apache as the default web server.
I have installed the standalone option of Cerbot / Letsencrypt, and have been generating SSL certificates according to my needs
I recently installed and re-installed (a couple of times) the GitLab-ce version but I cannot get it to work. Here is the current error message!

There was an error running gitlab-ctl reconfigure:

letsencrypt_certificate[] (letsencrypt::http_authorization line 5) had an error: RuntimeError: acme_certificate[staging]
(/opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/cache/cookbooks/letsencrypt/resources/certificate.rb line 25) had an error:
RuntimeError: ruby_block[create certificate for] (/opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/cache/cookbooks/acme/resources/certificate.rb line 108) had an error:
RuntimeError: [] Validation failed, unable to request certificate

Running handlers complete
Chef Infra Client failed. 66 resources updated in 02 minutes 56 seconds

I would be thankful for any assistance or guidance in resolving this issue. Thanks

8-23-2020 11:18 pm. I have resolved all issues by reverting back to Apache Virtual Host technique. Thanks