SAML Group Links (Azure AD) - SCIM provisioning

I sincerely apologize if this is repetitive, but I have Googled the S4!T out of this and I cannot find a resolution.

I have successfully configured SAML and can authenticate, but my SCIM GROUP memberships are simply not cooperating. Below is my Azure AD configuration and my attribute mappings. I’m hoping someone can help with this SCIM error.

Target Object Actions
Create = True
Update = True
Delete = True

Group Name in Azure AD = GitLab-Owners
SAML Group Name in GitLab = GitLab-Owners (see screenshot attached)

Attribute Mappings:
displayName = displayName
objectId = externalId

Error from Azure AD:
Match group between source and target system
Failed to match an entry in the source and target systems Group ‘GitLab-Owners’

Error code

Error message
Received response from Web resource.
Operation: GET
Response Status Code: ServiceUnavailable
Response Headers: Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: close
X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp
Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy: same-origin
Referrer-Policy: same-origin
Permissions-Policy: accelerometer=(),autoplay=(),camera=(),clipboard-read=(),clipboard-write=(),fullscreen=(),geolocation=(),gyroscope=(),hid=(),interest-cohort=(),magnetometer=(),microphone=(),payment=(),publickey-credentials-get=(),screen-wake-lock=(),serial=(),sync-xhr=(),usb=()
Report-To: {“endpoints”:[{“url”:“”}],“group”:“cf-nel”,“max_age”:604800}
NEL: {“success_fraction”:0.01,“report_to”:“cf-nel”,“max_age”:604800}
Strict-Transport-Security: max-age=31536000
X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff
CF-RAY: 76a3295b3c2b05c6-IAD
Cache-Control: no-store, must-revalidate, no-cache, max-age=0, private, post-check=0, pre-check=0
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 22:25:10 GMT
Server: cloudflare
Response Content: