Search code across all projects

Is there a way I can do a code (content text) search across all projects/repositories in gitlab?
Looks like I can search for code only within a specific project.

This would be a nice feature.


Is there any interested in this at all? This is a core/critical feature for my company.
BTW: github does this with ease. Just sayin… :wink:


I have opened an issue about this here, and cc’ed some of our team members.

Feel free to add any more feedback or thoughts you have on the issue

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it would be not great, it is an indispensable feature

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This will be implemented for only GitLab installation with Elasticsearch setup. See,

A tentative milestone of 8.12 i.e. Sep 22nd has been set

any updates?

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Why is this not already a feature?


I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t find a way to search through all Gitlab repos. Searching led me here… more disbelief!

For those following along, check here:

The issue is closed, but I don’t see this feature implemented.
Am I missing something?

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Depends, this is a commercial feature, the free community edition does not have this.

So does that mean we need to create a new issue to get this implemented for

My guess would be that on this feature is disabled as it would consume a lot of resources for the required ES instances.

We use . You just create a token on gitlab account, sourcegraph will mirror all your repositories and let you search all code.

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Indeed! Sourcegraph recently added GitLab support:

Sourcegraph was also recently open-sourced :slight_smile:

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@Frontware Can we use the sourcegraph api to search through any public repository (gitlab/github). Please can you provide some example queries

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