Search code across all projects

Is there a way I can do a code (content text) search across all projects/repositories in gitlab?
Looks like I can search for code only within a specific project.

This would be a nice feature.


Is there any interested in this at all? This is a core/critical feature for my company.
BTW: github does this with ease. Just sayin… :wink:


I have opened an issue about this here, and cc’ed some of our team members.

Feel free to add any more feedback or thoughts you have on the issue

it would be not great, it is an indispensable feature

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This will be implemented for only GitLab installation with Elasticsearch setup. See,

A tentative milestone of 8.12 i.e. Sep 22nd has been set

any updates?

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Why is this not already a feature?


I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t find a way to search through all Gitlab repos. Searching led me here… more disbelief!

For those following along, check here:

The issue is closed, but I don’t see this feature implemented.
Am I missing something?

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Depends, this is a commercial feature, the free community edition does not have this.

So does that mean we need to create a new issue to get this implemented for

My guess would be that on this feature is disabled as it would consume a lot of resources for the required ES instances.

We use . You just create a token on gitlab account, sourcegraph will mirror all your repositories and let you search all code.

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Indeed! Sourcegraph recently added GitLab support:

Sourcegraph was also recently open-sourced :slight_smile:

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@Frontware Can we use the sourcegraph api to search through any public repository (gitlab/github). Please can you provide some example queries

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Due to gitlab rate limiting, we have now switched to this one that gets around the rate limit by waiting between calls: GitHub - ldbglobe/gitlab-finder: NodeJs CLI tools to search keywords in find across all your project

In case it is helpful to anyone