Search on all projects

Hi all,

We are currently using GitLab to host all our network engineering MOP/Technical procedures, configuration files and multiple python projects; I would like to be able to use the top search bar to search on all projects (each MOP is a project under a group).

Here is an example:

Right now if I search “DSCP” I get no results:

But If I define the group and project it actually finds multiple results:

Is this an intended behaviour? And if it is, is there any way I can search all projects or at least all projects within a group?


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Day 2 bump

I have the precise same issue. Here is a screenshot where I copied a method name from my project, searched, and it was not found. If I change project to only the project with that method in it, it is found:

Problem is, the method is called from a few other repos and I need to know which ones, without manually going repo to repo and searching individually. I would think that’s what the “Any Project” would do.