Searching GitLab Docs for exact phrase

It seems to be impossible to search for an exact word/phrase using your search widget.

I expect to be able to search for an exact word/phrase by enclosing it in double quotes. Instead, if for example I use the search term "Postgis" (using quotes) I get the following result, which appears to show that the term searched for includes the quotes themselves:

We didn't find any results for the search *""Postgis""*

Searching for postgis without quotes just gives results including PostgreS - not what I need.

I note that the algolia widget which you use does allow an exact phrase search, is this functionality not utilized and if not why not?

Hi @MatzFan and welcome to the GitLab Community Forum! :tada:

The Algolia search functionality is somewhat limited, but as far as I know, enclosing a string in quotes will do an exact phrase match as expected.

For example - searching “database settings” returns 7 results, whereas database settings with the quotes removed returns 111 results.

I suspect one cause of confusion is that “Postgis” doesn’t actually occur anywhere in GitLab documentation.

When searching for a specific phrase in our documentation and not having luck with Algolia search results, I suggest trying your favorite search engine with "term or phrase" (confirmed working on Google and DuckDuckGo).