Secret failures after upgrade to Gitlab 13.X

Hey Guys,

I have got run into some issues while upgrading GitLab Docker to 13.12.
In preparation for the upgrade to version 14, to migrate to hashed storage, I run the command gitlab-rake gitlab:doctor:secrets VERBOSE=1 and got the following output:

I, [2022-03-22T17:39:56.728835 #8268]  INFO -- : - User failures: 1
D, [2022-03-22T17:39:56.728938 #8268] DEBUG -- :   - User[2]: otp_secret

I was able to fix every other failure, but this one is really tricky…
The only thing I could find was to disable 2FA with the command: gitlab-rake gitlab:two_factor:disable_for_all_users but no one is using 2FA…
I guess the otp secret is something needed for OneTimePasswords encryption.

Do you guys know, how I can get rid of this error?

Is there really nobody, who can help me with that otp_secret failure??

The Command of this post did the trick:

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