2FA not working with any OTP or recover code

Hi, I’m a little stuck with my account charo.baena.corusconsulting because I can’t login using a 2FA pin or recovery access codes.

I’ve tried to request new access codes, but I forgot to supply my SSH id_rsa public key to GitLab, so this is not feasible. I’ve already submited a support request but after a week, nobody contacted.

Please, can you help me with this?
Thank you very much in advance.

Hey there @charo.baena! Sorry you’re having trouble here, but it looks like one of our GitLab experts responded to you over on another post!

Here’s a link to their response if you missed it. Let us know if you still need anything!

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Hi, Tristan.

I was looking for a non-authoritative answer here since the ticket resolution is not helping too much.
Some experiences and workarounds usually helps much more so I’d appreciate users’ opinions and experiences regarding this problem.

Thank you very much.